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DELIUS offers the suitable concept for every kind of project: flame-retardant blackout fabrics and sheers as well as furnishing and upholstery fabrics in differing designs. These give a suitable well-feeling atmosphere to hotels, restaurants, old age people's homes, hospitals, cinemas offices, schools and kindergarten.

The Delius family are now in the 9th generation and are at the helm of a worldwide active company. In other words: the company has become a well-known strong and professional business partner due to the high quality of its products and its long-term competence in the world of textiles. Today, the trademark Delius is well known for its modern design, first class quality fabrics and its multi-functional fabric finishing. Numerous references prove Delius to be high in competence and reliability within the contract market.

In order to meet the highest quality requirements the product developments are subjected to numerous technical tests. Independent testing institutes examine and confirm the excellent properties – for example the quality of flame retardent fabrics for contract use world wide.

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