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Founded in 1933, in Lynchburg, Virginia.


Moore & Giles is dedicated to designing and developing the most innovative and luxurious natural leathers for the high-end hospitality, aviation/automotive and residential interior design industries. 

Modern tanning is a constantly improving process, using either mineral or organic methods, becoming more efficient and environmentally friendly. Organic methods such as vegetable tanning and various forms of chrome-free tanning as well as the continued movement to water-based finishing operations promote an even higher level of environmental awareness. Moore & Giles has product offerings in all these categories, and continue to expand their offering of eco-conscious products.

Moore & Giles is committed to exercising faithful corporate citizenship through compliance with all environmental laws and regulations. Minimal impact to air, water and land by their practices and activities is the ultimate measure of their success for employees, families, community and future generations.

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