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Serendipity is a dynamic pattern composed of contrasting simple shapes and bold textures printed on a premium leather canvas. Reminiscent of traditional block printing, it subverts expectations of the surface providing a luminous and lively backdrop to enhance interiors. The medium size scale of the pattern will maximize its appeal and versatility in a variety of applications and projects.

The Bill Amberg Collection:
Inspired by shapes and silhouettes found in nature and in traditional textile craft, the designs found in the Bill Amberg Collection offer a broad range of options in color and scale to maximize their appeal in both commercial and residential applications. This collection features six beautifully detailed designs created in collaboration with the renowned leatherwork studio that are digitally printed on the world’s finest leather. Learn More


    • Country of Origin


    • Grain

      Full Grain

    • Character

      Light Pebble Grain

    • Finish

      Aniline Plus

    • Pull-Up


    • Configuration

      Whole Hide

    • Area

      4.2-4.5 sqmts (45-55 sq ft) per hide

    • Avg. Hide Size

      55″ x 67″
      1.4 x 1.7 m

    • Avg Thickness


    • Raw Material

      Premium European Bovine Hides

    • Tannage

      Wet White

    • Delivery

      2-4 Weeks

    • Minimum Order Quantity

      1 Hide

    • Fire Rating

      Up to Class ‘0’ (available upon request)

    • Testing

      DIN EN 13334: Flexometer
      DIN EN ISO 11640: Wet-Rubbing
      DIN EN ISO 11640: Perspiration-Rubbing
      DIN EN ISO 11640:Dry Rubbing
      ISO 105-B02: Light Fastness
      DIN 53329: Tear-Strength
      IUF 420: Water Spotting

Serendipity | charcoal


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