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I've never understood writing an ABOUT page in third person, so this is in first.  


SOLID + PATTERN is a Chicago based trade showroom and road show I started in 2015. Carrying 19 years experience in both textile and interior design, S+P represents a family of artists + makers of textiles, leather, wallpaper, rugs, and trim. But not just any kind ... independent, fresh designers who are changing the scene.


At SOLID + PATTERN, our passion is in the process.  I share the story, from development to finished product. The artistry and craftsmanship of our makers is what inspires me every day. 

I studied Interior Design and Fibers at the University of North Texas.  I was drawn to space planning and the art within those walls.  I liked the tactile feel of drawing on paper with pens, watercolor, and ink. Getting my hands dirty. Exiting the Art Building, dusty with splatters of paint all over my clothes.  


Following school, a move to Chicago lead me to the Merchandise Mart. I credit famed fabric house, Scalamandré, with teaching me the nuts and bolts of the interior design trade.  Thereafter, I spent many quality years working with Holly Hunt, Gary Lee, and Stephanie Odegard, promoting and designing luxury textiles, leather, and rugs.  Throughout my career, I've cherished the amazing relationships I've established within the design community.  Clients have become friends. Like me, those friends left big name companies and have started their own. It's been a fun experience.   


That's my story.  Each piece provided the tools to start SOLID + PATTERN. I've curated a talented group which has never been accessible to Midwest designers before. Something new.  Excited to share their stories with you all.



Liisa Jordan

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